We operate in an international context

The Caribbean islands present a mosaic legal ecosystem that is unique in the World. The geographical distance from mainland Europe and the immediate proximity of the international scene contribute to this. Individuals, we can assist you in dealing with these specific questions, as well as with more everyday ones.

Family and daily life

In the particular context of the Caribbean, family and daily issues call for specific answers, for which we offer you an integral support.

  • International couples
  • International divorces
  • Child Abductions
  • International inheritances
  • Immigration and citizenship
  • Contracts of daily life
  • Personal taxation


The individual employee or entrepreneur must be able to concentrate on his core business. We accompany you in all legal issues inherent to labor law and professional mobility, whether national, transatlantic or international.

  • International mobility
  • Labor law
  • Social security law
  • International taxation
  • Professional immigration
  • Accidents


Investing in real estate in the Northern Islands is a great adventure. In the event of an unforeseen event, we offer you legal and judicial support in real estate and construction law.

  • Construction law
  • Builders’ liability
  • Out-of-court and court remedies
  • Co-ownership law
  • Residential leases and eviction
  • Real estate taxation
  • Insurance law


The traveler is rarely accustomed to local administrative, legal and judicial specificities. To ensure that the trip remains a trip, CABRERA LEGAL supports you through all the hazards that may be encountered by those who cross borders.

  • Visas and Immigration
  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • Accommodation
  • Accidents

When you travel only in passing, you take the abuses for the laws of the land.



To undertake is to choose to write your own story.

We accompany you in your Caribbean and international projects.

To undertake is to choose to write one’s own story. An adventure that necessarily calls for pragmatic and innovative responses to the various hazards inherent in business life. Personalized support, entrepreneurial spirit, sense of responsibility and responsiveness are all part of the DNA of CABRERA
LEGAL in order to assist you as a reliable, present and loyal partner, with the support of our multidisciplinary and specialized network of contacts.


We assist you in the current and exceptional operations of the life of your company.

  • Choice of structure and mode of
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Operations during the life of the company
  • Business development and transmission of a company


We assist you in the negotiation, analysis and drafting of your national and international commercial contracts.

  • International sales and services
  • Business litigation
  • Transfers of business assets
  • Commercial leases and leasing agreements


Cabrera Legal assists you in real estate and construction law.

  • Builders’ liability
  • Insurance law
  • Public construction contracts
  • Regulations of co-ownerships